Bluebird Trail

Park Ranger Steven Rogers is conducting the Bluebird Trail research. This research program in the park is designed to track the numbers of the Eastern Bluebirds that reside in our park. Steven monitors the Bluebirds that build their nests in the bluebird boxes, lay eggs, hatch and fledge their young. He reports the collected data to Cornell University’s Ornithology Laboratory.

Eastern Bluebirds were once a species of concern in our country due to competition for nesting sites from other bird species. Providing nesting sites, like our Bluebird boxes, have helped the numbers of this species recover to a point that the birds are no longer considered threatened or endangered. The Bluebird Trail at Saluda Shoals Park has attracted a large number of birds this year; these species include the Eastern Bluebird and the Carolina Chickadee. The Bluebird boxes are designed to be attractive to Bluebirds and are built to specifications that have been determined to be perfect for this species. Due to the success of the Bluebird Trail, guests at Saluda Shoals can visit the park and have a great chance to observe these beautiful birds in a natural setting.