Orinthology Research

Birding Research
Patricia Voelker is a birder at Saluda Shoals Park who frequently takes visitors on her birding trips in the park. (Visit www. ICRC.net website and select a date for your birding experience with Patricia . Call the park to schedule your date and time.) She visits at least one habitat during each visit where she locates different species. On her trips through the park Patricia teaches how to identify birds by color patterns and by their vocalizations. She has noted that species seem to have a preference for one park habitat over another and her research indicates that habitat preferences are food and nesting sites related.

She reports the bird sightings on the website; e Bird and has seen birds in the park like the Eastern Phoebes that are not normally seen in this area. The information reported to e Bird from all over the United States is then represented on graphs and maps that indicate avian seasonality. Over the month of May over 3,067,344 bird observations were gathered and recorded nationally. The collected data serves to enhance global information for science and conservation research.

 To keep people as informed as possible about bird findings at Saluda Shoals Park, Patricia has created a blog that is dedicated to her sightings at Saluda Shoals.  To read her blog and find out what birds you can see at Saluda Shoals click the link below.