Saluda Shoals Park

Orienteering Course

Saluda Shoals Park is offering an orienteering course of medium difficulty for groups of up to 20 participants. Each group will receive a brief period of instruction, orienteering coordinates, a compass and an orienteering sequence rubbing sheet. Participants should be prepared to complete the course in about an hour. Maximum 20 participants per group. Fee: $35.


Come explore our park and look for geocaches using our handheld GPS devices (or bring your own). There are three microcaches (1.5 inches long) and four regular size caches (waterbottle size) hidden throughout the park.

Saluda Shoals Park also has numerous hidden caches that have been placed by other geocachers. Upload the various cache coordinates on your GPS at or pick up the coordinates at the Environmental Education Center front desk.  Be sure to visit Seven Oaks Park and Crooked Creek Park to find the geocaches hidden in each park. 

Please follow GPS etiquette and don't take items without leaving items in return. GPS’s are available for rent at the Environmental Education Center for $5. A driver’s license and credit card will be held to cover any loss or damage of GPS’s.  Regular parking fees $4R/$5NR apply.